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mother and adult daughter at the shore

Metabolic Approach to Medicine

This approach focuses on the whole person - their inner and outer environment combined. 

Embrace the Terrain

Overall health is dependent on treating the terrain. The terrain consists of the internal environment within the body and the outer environment that you live in!

Things to consider:

  • Emotional Health

  • Sleep 

  • Digestion

  • Food and Water Intake

  • Medical History

  • Where you live (and what is in your daily environment)

  • Vaccine History

It is best to match the treatment to the patient and their terrain. The consistent monitoring we offer along with the professional guidance are what sets our metabolic treatments apart. 

What is Included:

  • Terrain 10 Questionairre

  • New Patient Comprehensive Intake Form

  • Onboarding Labs

  • Monthly Labs (As Needed)

  • Quarterly Labs ( As Needed)

  • Monthly Zoom Consultations


Call  201-567-1823 today for an appointment and get started feeling stronger and healthier!

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