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Yarrow | Pom what a nice surprise...

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

I knew from my studies in herbalism that Yarrow was a great bug-repellent, but I only recently learned that in many ways Yarrow Essential Oil helps to bring about balance and stability. DoTerra has one of the nicest Yarrow Blends available. It is my favorite!

Yarrow|Pom is an expertly crafted proprietary blend of Yarrow essential oil and cold-pressed Pomegranate seed oil designed to be your go-to for a true inside-out approach to aging, vitality, overall wellness, and, quite frankly, how to get that glow. This synergistic and first-of-its-kind blend naturally up-regulates the body’s protective transcription factors while activating skin-protecting proteins (inhibiting the enzymes that breakdown elasticity and collagen) with the added benefit of promoting collagen production. Additionally, this active botanical powerhouse can be applied topically to revitalize aging skin and taken internally to support a healthy inflammatory response at the source and promotes healthy metabolic function. With main chemical components punicic acid (an omega 5), antioxidants, β-caryophyllene, and chamazulene, this vegan-friendly active botanical duo supports cellular, immune, and nervous system function and rejuvenation when taken internally.

My Experience with Yarrow | Pom

Middle age fun at all. At this time of life, acne along the jawline can be a problem even if it never was embarrassing.

Knowing tomorrow is another work day, I tried some Yarrow | Pom to try and clear up some very noticeable acne on my jawline, which is a common problem to middle-aged women.

To my pleasant surprise, one application along with a proprietary essential oil recipe in a veggie capsule; taken only once; yielded an incredible response from my skin. I will feel comfortable going to work tomorrow and not feel self conscious about my skin thanks to this amazing combo of oils.

Interested in the recipe I used? Send me a message on the contact us page and I would be happy to let you in on my secret!


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