Theresa Vallone


Theresa Vallone CCH, APN-C, ND

Family Nurse Practitioner, Certified Classical Homeopath and Nautropathic Doctor

Theresa Vallone is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She has over thirty years of experience working in the medical field. Over those many years she has continually studied and honed her skills.

Starting at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center as a bedside nurse, she quickly became a patient favorite, where in addition to her nursing skills, she used essential oils and her Reiki training to help comfort her patients. It was back then that she discovered that there is nothing more rewarding than taking part in a persons progress to well-being. She worked her way up to nurse preceptor, responsible for the training of newly hired nurses, and then up to the charge nurse position. While in this position she and her nurses enjoyed the honor of being voted best nursing staff by the CPMC physicians. She later moved on to the Plasmapheresis unit where she became an expert in IV infusion treatments, and the separation and exchange of blood components, such as plasma and RBCs.

After her years at CPMC she moved on to visiting nurse services, staff relief, and home infusion/TPN in the state of New Jersey. She was quickly promoted to the position of patient care supervisor for the visiting nurse home care unit, where she was responsible for periodic home visits to evaluate and modify the home health care plans. Theresa has always naturally risen up easily to team leader positions, an honor she enjoys once again at BC Wellness.

In addition to working as and studying nursing over the years, she also took an interest in holistic care and studied several different forms of alternative health care modalities. In 2005 she enrolled in the School of Homeopathy New York to study this wonderful healing tool. After four years of Classical and Sankaran homeopathic training, including twelve months of supervised practice, she passed the national credentialing test for Certified Classical Homeopath, in 2009, and began using homeopathic remedies to help her patients.  More recently she has completed the course work for Naturopathic Doctor, through Trinity School of Natural Health, and has already began incorporating Muscle Reflex testing, Iridology, and Bach flower evaluations into her integrative healthcare visits. Theresa, over the years has cared for patients from the very young to the very old, and enjoyed working with them all. With her broad base of knowledge, experience, and strong desire to help others, Theresa is a stand out in her field and is swiftly becoming a sought after health care provider. Call today and get started on your path to better health and enjoy an increased sense of well-being.

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