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A simple, manageable, and easy to follow program that produces results.

This program is doctor supervised. 

For weight loss to be achieved, you must commit to a new mindset and new behavior. The recipe for success is to plan on being healthy from the inside out.


A good detox is step one if you really want to get the ball rolling. Detoxing can unclog metabolic pathways, jump start weight loss, and raise your energy levels. Next, follow a plant-based whole food diet Monday through Friday each week, along with drinking plenty of pure water daily; at least 64 ounces a day.

Each week you will weigh in and let us know how you are doing. At the weigh-in visit you will receive a vitamin injection to help support your energy levels and facilitate the process of  becoming your ideal weight. You will receive easy to follow weekly meal plans as well.

Program Components:

1. Week long Detox kit. (1 x fee of $100)

2. Weekly weigh-in visits

3. Weekly vitamin injections ($20/week)

4. Easy to follow weekly meal plans

5. Monthly weight loss kits ($180/month) for BMI of 26 and above*

The BC Wellness Center Slim and Strong Weight  Management Program is $100.00 a month plus the costs listed above. Call us today at 201-567-1823 and get started becoming the new and improved you!

*For those that have a lot of extra weight to shed, special weight loss kits are available for purchase. These kits contain a thirty day supply of all the medication, and supplements needed to support healthy weight loss.  The weight loss kits are strongly recommended for a BMI of 26 and above. This addition to the program will aid in shedding unwanted excess pounds. It will stimulate your metabolism, shift the body mass from adipose tissue to muscle and help control the appetite.

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