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Herbal Remedies for Common Menstrual Problems

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

For millions of women across the globe, “that time of the month” can be an extremely painful experience. Period pain and cramps can be extremely disruptive and debilitating, with around 80% of women experiencing medium to extreme discomfort multiple times in their lifetime. Most women self-medicate to tackle PMS, irregular periods and cramps. But painkillers and other medications often come with a host of side-effects which can be avoided using herbal remedies instead.

Here are some herbal remedies for common menstrual problems:


Amenorrhea is a condition wherein a woman misses her periods (not because of pregnancy). Doctors usually diagnose absence of menstruation as amenorrhea when a normally menstruating woman does not get her periods three times in a row.

Herbs can help to regulate the menstrual cycle as well as the hormonal levels. For instance, vitex can be used to aid in the process of ovulation. Here is another concoction to help induce menses:

2 parts vitex

1 part alfalfa

1 part licorice root

1 part motherwort

1 part rosemary

1 part blue vervain

Mix them together and soak them in one cup of boiling water. After that, strain the mixture and drink one cup three times a day.

Irregular Periods

Get a hold on your menstrual cycle with the help of simple herbal treatment at home. Vitex is a naturally-occurring herb which helps to enhance female reproductive health. It should be used for at least 6-12 months as tea or ingested as capsules to maintain and regulate the cycle. Also, have your vitamin D levels checked as there is a strong correlation between menstrual problems and low vitamin D levels.

Heavy menstrual bleeding

The medical term for this is menorrhagia. Evening primrose oil or flaxseed oil can be used for relief from this problem. Apart from this, you can also try Agnus castus herb to regulate your hormones.

Menstrual cramps

Many women complain of painful periods, the medical term for which is dysmenorrhea. Apart from taking vitamin supplements regularly, you can mix ½ teaspoon of black cohosh concentrated herbal extract to one cup of water and drink this mixture three times a day for pain relief. Jamaican dogwood capsules are also extremely effective in alleviating the pain caused by menstrual cramps.

Apart from this, herbal oils massaged on the belly can also provide a lot of relief during that time of the month. For example, you could use topical arnica montana.

While herbal cures are natural and 100% safe, it is also important that you take care of your diet and overall well-being to avoid reproductive health issues. A balanced diet, regular exercise routine, and proper stress management plan will help you to ensure that you face no problems as far as your menstrual health is concerned.


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