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Guide to Coronavirus Prevention

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

In response to several of my patient's concerns regarding the Coronavirus, I have formulated a protocol that should help keep you strong and healthy in the midst of this viral outbreak.

In addition to good hygiene (washing your hands, avoid sharing food and utensils, avoid those who are ill, and cleaning high touch surface areas), it is important to get the optimal amount of nutrition in your diet.

This includes a healthy portion of fruits and veggies on a daily basis, for example, eating raw fruits, vegetables, and drinking 16 OZ of Fresh Carrot, Spinach, Apple, and Celery Juice. This goes a long way in helping keep you immune system strong and defend yourself from various colds and flus.

Along with the healthy servings of fruits and veggies like mentioned above, the following protocol is what I recommend to give you the additional proper support for Coronavirus provention.


1. Dr. Advantage's 250 PPM Colloidal Silver - 1 Teaspoon Orally, Gargle and Swallow 2 Times Daily

2. Host Defense MyCommunity Capsules - Take 2 Capsules Two Times Daily

3. Pure Encapsulations Cat's Claw - 1-2 Caps Orally 4 Times Daily with Food

4. Pure Encapsulations Pure Defense Chewables - Two Tablets 2-3 Daily

5. XLear Nasal Spray - 2 Sprays in Each Nostril 4 Times Daily

6. Organic India Ashwagandha - 2 Capsules Two Times Daily with Food and Water

7. Vitamin C - 4000-6000 MG Orally Daily (Or to bowel tolerance). My favorite is Sufficient-C, but any Vitamin C will do!

8. 5,000 IUs of Vitamin D Daily - Sublingual is the brand I recommend

9. DoTerra On Guard Suite - This includes Throat Lozenges*, Hand wash, Hand sanitizing Spray, and Mouthwash. The lozenges* are to be taken throughout the day when needed, and the hand wash, hand sanitizing mist, and mouthwash are to replace your current products in your household.

If you are ready to arm yourself with the best protocol to prepare your body to stay healthy, you can get all of the products listed above at either one of the following links.

For the DoTerra On Guard Suite:


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