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Homeopathic Treatment for Migraines.

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Almost 38 million people in the U.S. alone regularly suffer from migraines. Migraines can be extremely debilitating and can cause extreme frustration and irritation. It can effectively take over control over your life, with you fearing constantly about when it’s going to strike again. At the same time, there are no known effective cures which can eliminate migraines. Due to this, the issue gets a lot more complicated because you are unable to function optimally, whether it comes to mental or physical tasks.

Typical symptoms of migraines are:

Throbbing or pulsing pain on one or both sides of the head

Increased sensitivity to light and noise

Compromised vision



Muscles stiffness

Moving the body increases pain

Many people pop painkillers to deal with the excruciating pain but they provide little or no relief. Additionally, excessive use of painkillers can cause a host of side effects.

Other than introducing some lifestyle changes, Homeopathy can be helpful for those seeking an alternative form of treatment which is natural and does not cause any kind of side effects. In fact, it can provide long term relief from migraines which will help you to get back to activities you enjoyed on a day-to-day basis.

Homeopathy for wellness is a great idea if you do not want to opt for allopathic medicines every day to deal with the symptoms of migraines. There are a variety of homeopathic medicines which can provide relief from migraines. Primary homeopathic remedies involve the consumption of Belladonna, Bryonia, Iris versicolor, Sanguinaria, Sepia- all of which can help reduce discomfort and decrease the intensity of emotional upheavals caused due to unmanageable pain.

Get in touch with our homeopathic experts to draw up an individualized treatment plan to eliminate migraines as well as to build a strategy to deal with triggers more effectively. Along with this, Dr. Vallone will also recommend lifestyle changes to induce mental and physical well-being to keep migraines at bay!


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