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Infusion Therapy to Boost Energy Levels

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Feeling exhausted and don’t feel like doing anything on weekends because your muscles have turned to mush? You try to shake off the weakness by sleeping in the entire day and eating healthy food, but to no avail.

Monday comes in but nothing changes. Your energy levels are as low as ever. You find it really difficult to concentrate on your work and things take a bad turn as you sit at your desk the entire time. Post lunch, you’re hardly able to get anything done because your memory is foggy and your limbs have turned to lead.

Low energy can have an extremely negative effect upon your quality of life - your relationships with others suffers and your performance at the workplace goes down as well. Additionally, people who feel fatigued all the time might stop paying attention to their mental and physical well-being.

Instead of chugging cups of coffee or cans of Red Bull to counter exhaustion, try infusion therapy to boost your energy. BC Wellness Center offers a variety of intravenous infusions that will help you to fight fatigue and the health issues that accompany it.

But why opt for IV drips when you can consume multivitamins instead?

These IV drips contain a cocktail of electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which will enhance your metabolism while improving the cognitive functioning of the brain.

Medicines, when ingested, take quite some to work and you might see little or no results even after using them for a week. Most of the nutrients are also expelled as waste by the digestive system when they are ingested.

However, intravenous infusions are different, Here, the aim is to introduce necessary nutrients to the bloodstream with the help of IV drips which facilitate faster and more efficient absorption of the same.

Many business professionals choose IV infusions as they have extremely hectic schedules and very less time. Athletes also consider IV infusions to boost energy levels while training. It recharges the body and the brain and helps them to become more energetic and productive.

Should you consider IV infusion therapy?

Consider talking with a professional before you decide upon getting infusion therapy. Dr.T will check your blood work and ask you questions regarding your medical history before recommending infusion therapy.

Often, the primary cause behind extreme exhaustion is iron deficiency or adrenal fatigue, Proper nutrition, adrenal support and exercise along with administering IV drips are extremely helpful in treating health issues.


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