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Make Sustainable Weight Loss Possible With These Two Tips

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Trying to reach your desired weight with the help of fad diets and excessive exercise? This kind of weight loss isn’t sustainable because your body will tire of being pulled to the extremes repeatedly!

Losing weight and ensuring that it stays that way is impossible if one does not commit to it and break bad habits for the long haul. People will have to ensure that they make lifestyle changes that encourage healthy weight management and general good health.

You need to have a comprehensive weight loss and management plan right from Day 1 that you are willing to uphold. This plan needs to be a realistic one made in accordance to the person’s metabolism levels, the amount of physical strain they put their body through at work, and the amount of calories they need on a daily basis based on their gender, age, and various other factors.

Here are some of the things that you can include in your weight loss plan to ensure that you reach your goal:

Make Wise Food Choices

The American Diet is loaded with high calorie, low nutrient foods. Instead of snacking on junk food, stock up your shelves with nuts that you can carry around in your pocket to eat on the go! Your diet should consist of lots of veggies, lean proteins, healthy fats from things like nuts, olives, and fatty fish. The time we eat should be limited to about 8 hours of the day on a regular daily basis (this does not apply to your water intake!). Wait until you feel hungry in the morning before you start eating! Also, drink half of your weight in ounces of pure water daily.

Choose a healthy approach to weight loss that isn’t too hard on your body. The latest research from Dr. Valter Longo of the Longevity Institute suggests a five-day fast each month for three consecutive months. This has a very positive effect on the human body’s metabolism and the body’s restorative abilities at the cellular level. Water fasts, drinking only water and no food or other beverage, of five days or more can trigger a dip into the caloric burn of the muscle mass of your body. Dr. Longo has come up with a fast mimicking diet that prevents this from happening. This diet requires medical supervision and best of all, it is available through BC Wellness Center!

Exercise is a Must!

Sustained weight loss is only possible when you include regular physical activity that makes your heart and lungs work harder! You need to sweat it out if you want to see any kind of change.

Most people stop exercising after a week or so because it can get monotonous and boring. So, it’s important that you mix it up! Find physical activities that you actually enjoy and try a different activity when you get too bored with one. It can be anythingfrom dancing nonstop for 15 minutes to your favorite upbeat songs or playing tennis!

Other than this, you can also make little changes such as opting to take the stairs rather than the elevator or cycling to work rather than taking your car.

These are just some of the things you can do to ensure weight loss in a healthy manner. You can also consult Dr. Vallone at BC Wellness Center who will help you create a personalized weight management plan based on comprehensive lab tests.


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