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The Ultimate Guide to the Blood Type Diet for Weight Loss

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Peter J. D'Adamo in his book, “Live Right 4 Your Type” highlights how your blood type affects your personality and your ability to handle stress. Additionally, your blood type also suggests specific characteristics to our immune and digestive system.

Theories revolving around the different blood types ascribe anthropological origins to them because of their impact right at the cellular level. And that is why the author believes that individuals should choose their diet and exercise regimen keeping their biochemical disposition and blood type in mind. The Blood Type Diet does exactly that:

O Blood Type: The original Type Os were the hunters who consumed animal meat. So people with this blood type should keep this in mind. The newest name for eating this way is the caveman diet. Having a diet that complements their specific blood type enhances the functioning of the digestive system. Type Os can opt for foods that are high in protein and drink vegetable juice instead of fruit juice. According to D'Adamo, O blood types should keep away from wheat, kidney beans, peanuts and potatoes, and lower dairy intake to lose weight.

A Blood Type: Type As were farmers. People with this blood type should opt for a meat-free diet if they want to lose weight. Consuming fruits, whole grains, vegetables, and seafood will help them to maintain optimal health. Type As might have a weak immune system and so they should eat fresh, organic food and stay away from junk food.

B Blood Type: Homo sapiens with B blood type were those who moved around from place to place as per the season. They were the nomads.

People with this blood type should avoid chicken, lentils, corn, and tomatoes. Their digestive system can handle lean lamb and mutton. To ensure that they get their daily dose of protein, they should opt for fish and seafood. Such a diet will help them to maintain an ideal weight.

AB Blood Type: AB blood types confound theorists because it’s not a very ancient blood type. Many are still clueless about how and why this blood type emerged and became common.

People who have this blood type have less stomach acid than others. That is why they should limit their caffeine and alcohol intake.

Type ABs should eat vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potato and kelp for their mental and physical well-being. If they want to lose weight, the author recommends that they avoid cured meats, chicken and kidney beans.

The blood type diet also recommends specific physical activities that you should take up to ensure weight loss. You can contact experts at BC Wellness Center to get a detailed diet chart based on your blood type along with a fitness regimen chart which will help you to maintain good health.


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