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Susan Hurley

I am so fortunate that I was treated by Theresa Vallone. I had a complicated health history including Lyme disease and a complicated endocrine system problem. My joints were so sore that I avoided walking and stopped doing the activities that I loved.  After working with Theresa and her team, I am walking pain free, and hopeful to continue to heal.  I was able to go on a date-night with my husband, which was the first time in years we have been able to do this. Cannot say enough great things about BC Wellness Center!

Judy Boland

I wasn't happy with the results from my traditional medical treatments and decided I wanted an alternative for my Type II Diabetes. I chose treatment with Theresa Vallone NP in the Fall of 2016. Theresa created my personal health plan that included Homeopathic remedies, energy/body work, diet and nutrition and exercise. Since beginning treatment I've lost 50lbs, I'm sleeping better and believe my health has improved. Many thanks Theresa, you've help make a world of difference!

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