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At BC Wellness Center, we approach healthcare with compassion and optimism. We have a great respect for the human body and its ability to optimize its health when guided in the right direction. We take into consideration the whole person – mind, body, spirit – to supply the best solutions for our patients.


We offer a variety of modalities, which acknowledge the human body as both matter and energy.  In our holistic approach we may use all forms of healthcare from conventional medicine to alternatives therapies such as:

Integrative Medicine

A Healing Pathway


Natural Healing

John of God Crystal Bed

Advanced Chromotherapy Treatment

Essential Oil Therapy

Nature's Healing Gifts

The Power of Nature

Nutrition/Weight Management

Fuel Your Body To Be Healthy

Infusion Therapy

Infuse Your Blood With Healing Power


BC Wellness Center Englewood Cliffs

Susan Hurley

I am so fortunate that I was treated by Theresa Vallone. I had a complicated health history including Lyme disease and a complicated endocrine system problem. My joints were so sore that I avoided walking and stopped doing the activities that I loved.  After working with Theresa and her team, I am walking pain free, and hopeful to continue to heal.  I was able to go on a date-night with my husband, which was the first time in years we have been able to do this. Cannot say enough great things about BC Wellness Center!

BC Wellness Center Englewood Cliffs

Judy Boland

I wasn't happy with the results from my traditional medical treatments and decided I wanted an alternative for my Type II Diabetes. I chose treatment with Theresa Vallone NP in the Fall of 2016. Theresa created my personal health plan that included Homeopathic remedies, energy/body work, diet and nutrition and exercise. Since beginning treatment I've lost 50lbs, I'm sleeping better and believe my health has improved. Many thanks Theresa, you've help make a world of difference!

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